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Tark • Larkan Morchiare and TJ Stofferson • Birds and the Bees

How They Met: Both served the Giants/Titans Army, TJ a bit longer than Lark, daughter of Athena. Thankfully, TJ didn’t met Lark when going through “initiation” for the new recruits; Lark got in right before those trials started. They met just before TJ left the army. TJ was very intrigued by the fact she was so intuitive with birds and nature in general, so being the manipulator he used to be, he started hanging around Lark, trying to learn her art. Being crafty herself, Lark used TJ to learn how he fought and his habits. After he left the army, however, and the war turned successful for the gods, TJ found Lark again and tried for a genuine relationship. The two started dating a few months later, both finding each other’s company addictive and amazing.

How Long They’ve Been Together: decades lol i don’t know…months? .u.

Canon or AU: AU

Future: .u.

"Signs": Birds and the bees and butts

Verses:Son of Eros/Main Verse, Percy Jackson Verse